All About Pugs

Some Helpful Ideas For Training Your Pug


Owning a pug can really enhance your life. That said, they have to be cared for daily. Training your puppy takes a lot of time. Before long, you will be able to enjoy a well-trained pug by applying these tips.

A pug will obsess about one thing until you divert its attention. If you get your pug to focus on you, it will help his behavior.

Always buy a crate that is the correct size for your pug so you can train them well. Keep in mind that puppies grow up. Select a crate that is large enough for them to fit in when they are older. Don’t restrict the size so much so that the pug cannot lie or turn easily.

When training your pet, you must be patient. This will prevent both you and your pug from getting angry and frustrated with the training process. Your pug will do its best, but give your pug enough time to remember orders. You need to remember that your puppy needs to form the association between the word and the behavior you expect.

Before you train your puppy, teach him his name and bond with him. Call his name every time you do something or want him to do something. Teach him that he needs to run to you when his name is called. His name should be the first word he learns. By setting aside some special time for you and your puppy, you will give him the opportunity to get to know you, as well as trust you. The puppy will be more open to more training down the line.

After you have brought your new furry friend home, its time to begin training him. Be patient and be sure to reinforce positive behaviors with praise and treats. The tips mentioned will take some time to master, but eventually you will get there.

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