Pet Care

Caring For Your Pug – Tips For A Healthy & Happy Pet


You cannot take the responsibility of owning a pug lightly. You have to be sure that you have a happy and a healthy life. Knowing what it takes to achieve this balance with your pug means learning all you can, and reading the information below will be a good start.

Since humans don’t speak pug, you have to learn how to listen to your pug’s non-verbal language. If it seems as though your pug holds back when around other pugs or people, do not insist that they interact. This might result in negative biting or a person being bit. Look for non-verbal hints so that the pug can guide your actions.

Be wary of the ingredients in many flea treatment you’re going to use on your pug. Some treatments contain dangerous ingredients that may put your children in harms way.Talk to a vet about different forms of treatment that are safer for use around small kids.

Your pug may pick things up much easier when they are given these signals. Try both methods to see what works best.

Don’t buy the cheapest food for your pug cheap pug food. Cheap pug food contains lots of preservatives and other additives that can be dangerous for your pug doesn’t need. Check with animal advocacy group for a list of foods that are recommended by professionals. Your pug will be much healthier if he eats better.

Give your pooch rawhide bones instead of real meat bones. Real bones can chip and become lodged in their mouths or digestive tract.

Your pug will need a pug house if he or she has to remain outside in cold weather. If your pug’s feet get wet, extreme temperatures can be stressful and bad for his health. Keep your pug safe by providing him shelter.

There’s nothing stopping you from putting these tips into action immediately. Use what you learned and you can have a great pet. There isn’t a reason to have a pug if you don’t want their life to be fantastic.

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