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Make Pug Training Easier And More Effective With These Quick Tips


People often adopt pugs without considering it well. Having a pug in the family requires the right preparation. All pugs need training to know what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t. Utilize the tips provided in the below article so that you can train a well-behaved pug, leading to a happier relationship between you and your pug.

When you are going to be training your pug, it is important that you limit the length of the training sessions. Small, focused sessions are necessary at the beginning. Know when your pug does not pay attention when you are training it.

Your pug will perform best on a healthy diet. Eating a poor diet will negatively affect your pug in many ways. It is damaging to their health as well as making them more prone to bad behaviors. By making small changes to your pug’s diet, you can alter their receptiveness to the training.

Do not use shock collars and similar training devices. In addition to being very expensive, they usually do not work as well as the more traditional training techniques. Plus, using shock collars could discourage your pug in having good behavior. Using these techniques can have poor results.

Keep your voice firm and level when delivering commands to your pug. This will let him know you are serious and he needs to listen. You should also work on developing different tones to use in different situations. For example, you can have a sharp one for disciplinary purposes, and a firm, but not-as-sharp one for simple commands.

Start training with something simple. Not only will you achieve gratification due to your success, but your pug will know what acceptable behavior is. Using this method as you train produces better results.

No matter how long you have owned your pug, you can always train them. You should train him as soon as you can to avoid any risk of the pug unintentionally hurting someone.

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