Pug Training

Take Your Well-Trained Pug Anywhere Without A Care


A well-behaved pug makes for a happier home. Well-trained, social pugs are lots of fun to be around. To foster an even better friendship with your pet, keep reading.

If you in the crate training phase of your training program, you can use a few techniques to speed it up. If your pet is nervous about the crate, consider putting a toy or treat inside to motivate them to go in. They will see and smell the bone and will want you to let them in there to get it. When your pug goes inside, give him plenty of praise, and let him know he is doing a good job.

Correcting a pug should be done quickly and concisely. Never ramble on about the pug’s failures. Inform them of your disapproval and move on. Also make sure that the volume of your voice commands their attention and lets them know that you mean business.

You need to reward your pug to be successful. You should immediately reward your pug when they follow your command. By giving treats at the proper time, you’ll ensure that your pug understands which behavior it’s being rewarded for.

Consistency is of the utmost importance when it comes to crate training. When letting your pug out of the crate, be sure to immediately allow your pug to relieve himself. As time passes, your puppy will start to be able to use the restroom at the appropriate times.

Don’t use things like shock collars. They often do not function properly and their cost is rarely justified. They can also discourage good behaviors as they inhibit your pug’s behavior too much. Using these techniques can have poor results.

Many people are surprised to realize that training their pug is often far easier, far less stressful, and far less time-consuming than they had originally thought. You can help your pug have greatly improved behavior by following these tips and being open to adjusting your behavior as necessary.

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